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Pop culture has a bad habit of presenting stalking as normal dating behavior.

5 creepy tools she uses to stalk you online

IRL, these actions are often unwelcome, unwanted, and downright creepy. But stalking is less about love and more about obsession and control.

To complicate matters further, most stalkers or someone who repeatedly harasses or threatens another person are people you already know. Are you receiving calls from blocked s who hang up or breathe into the phone until you disconnect? Stalking is more common than you may think, it affects 1 in 6 women and 1 in 19 men in their lifetime.

The ex-boyfriend from hell

Inform key people if you feel unsafe and increase security measures such as locks, alarms and security cameras. What may appear as heartfelt admiration can feel overwhelming and intimidating to you later on. For example, are they asking about your schedule? Or your exes?

If this is happening to you, please visit our real-time resources to get help. Any response you give a potential stalker can be misinterpreted as interest in them or interest in continuing an unhealthy relationship. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to sharing their whereabouts with their partner.

In a healthy relationship, couples are able to come to a happy medium that makes both partners comfortable with how much they share. If your partner does not respect your comfort level or worse violates it by resorting to apps to track your location than it may be time to exit the relationship. Tracking you in this way has nothing to do with being considerate or attentive and everything to do with needing to have control. And if you suspect you are being cyberstalked, there are a few precautions you could take to protect yourself:.

A woman’s tweet about a male stalker prompted so many terrifying stories

For more tips on tech safety, check out Techsafety. You feel sad but relieved until you wake up the next morning to find your car tires slashed. Should you discover any type of damage- a smashed window, spray-painted message, or a slashed tire etc.

Also, keep in mind that t hreatening behavior does not have to be physical. Using explicit photos to blackmail a partner is a common theme in abusive relationships.

Find great resources and learn how to love better.

Contact the authorities if a stalker attempts to manipulate you by releasing sensitive information. Some would lead you to believe an ex that trash-talks you, spre rumors, or attacks you in online posts still loves you and wants you back.

In reality, this person is trying to provoke you through unhealthy, attention-grabbing behaviors to maintain a sense of control. Experts say intimate partner stalkers repeatedly approach their target before their behavior escalates. I f you suspect your ex or SO is stalking you there are a few definitive steps you can take to protect yourself:. Doris M. Their behavior alone is proof that they lack personal boundaries and respect.

Why aren't you online?

You need to be firm and protect yourself. Other valuable resources include Womenslaw. There are ways you can empower yourself to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Keep a record of their harassment until you have enough evidence to take legal action. And for more tips and facts from the experts, check out our top 5 picks for resources on stalking.

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A woman tweeted about a male stalker and the replies are chilling

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