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However, there are some great questions to ask that will get conversation flowing and stop the date from feeling to awkward. Here are the best blind date questions to get to know your date. If the pair of you agreed to a blind date, chances are that you both have your reasons for being there. Great options for blind date questions! If you have the same least favourite foods, then you know that you have this in common and can bond over your hatred of whatever food it is. This helps you to get to know your date as you can see how much of a picky eater they are, and whether or not you have similar tastes.

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The thought of going on a maiden date conjures up feelings of excitement and anxiety in equal measure. Having a list of the right questions to ask goes a long way in eliminating the awkward moments of silence that are characteristic of most first dates.

First-date questions should be objective, engaging, and open-minded. Instead, they should speak to your sincere desire to know the other person better. Everyone has something that defines their character and personality.

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Asking this question might help you determine whether you have any shared hobbies and interests. So, you can try asking them a less subjective question like what a typical day looks like for them.

This is an excellent way to find out how educated they are. Pay keen attention to the college or university they went to, and what their major was.

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Very few ladies would agree to a second date with a guy nicknamed Hitler or Pablo. The answer to this question is most likely embarrassing.

You better ask this question before ordering a meal; it may save you a huge disappointment. Of course, coffee and tea are likely exceptions. It can be anyone, ranging from their mom, dad, siblings, politicians, corporate moguls, etc.

Knowing who your partner looks up to for inspiration will help you to establish whether you have any shared ambitions. Asking this question may enable you to find out what their weaknesses are.

"what are you most proud of?"

People give advice to counsel, not to compliment. Often directed at men, this is a perfect question to get to know what his motives are.

Watch out for answers that border on lust. This first-date question is the direct opposite of the one above.

Was she blown away by your impressive personality or your social media profile bio? But they must have been single for at least six months. If the answer is anything upwards of three years, proceed to ask how it ended.

2. what’s your least favourite food?

This is another question that suggests the first date is coming along nicely, and you want to treat her to a charming experience on the second date. But never miss a chance to ask this question.

Remember that children change the entire dating equation. We all have that one thing that we find particularly irritating. It could be certain kinds of people, certain pets or pets in general, the television, watching soccer, or the social media.

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Instead, look beneath the surface of it. A very important question right there.

Unless of course, there are valid reasons behind their routines. Darkness, spiders, heights, crowded places, flying on a plane, you name it. Happy dating!

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Inspirationfeed Inspiring and educating bright minds from around the world. Last Updated on May 8, The thought of going on a maiden date conjures up feelings of excitement and anxiety in equal measure. The following is a rundown of the top 30 questions to ask on your first date. Table of Contents.