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Ideally, getting engaged should feel like the epic start of a new life chapter with your partner. Unfortunately, relationships don't always work out, and the pain of dealing with a broken engagement can be overwhelming. Although it might be tough to imagine, there will likely come a time when you're ready to step back into the dating pool. If you're dating after a broken engagementknowing when and how to broach the topic with a new flame can be an important part of opening up. According to Dr. Joshua Klapow, Ph.

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My relationship with my college boyfriend lasted four years. It survived college, a long-distance separation, and some serious health issues. But after we got engaged at age 22, it crashed and burned.

You can’t get excited about the wedding

I should have known by the elephant in the room—his drinking problem. The six months following the proposal felt like an exhausting eternity. I learned a lot about love, after doing a a solid inventory of myself and my thoughts after that painful breakup. Here are the lessons I took with me when I gave back the ring. Reality shows like The Bachelor make it seem totally possible to fall in love after knowing someone for just a few months. Yeahhh, no.

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My mom got married at 25 and had me at On some level, I thought it was just what you did—meet someone, get engaged, then married—all before I let myself fall victim to those unrealistic standards. The best thing about my ex was that he was there for me through my darkest hour with ulcerative colitis. Imagine starting a new, fun relationship with someone—while having diarrhea plus times a day, not eating, never leaving bed, testing various medication cocktails to figure out the sweet spot to get into remission, and vomiting on occasion.

That was my life the summer ofand he was always there, often skipping classes and social engagements just to sit by my bed while I slept.

The single best day of our relationship was the first day I left the house in more than three months to go to the beach. I had jumped from long-term relationship to long-term relationship since I was But I realized he was filling a void I needed to fill myself.

Don't pressure yourself to open up right away

And for the first time, I let myself truly grieve nearly two years after the engagement ended. During that period, I ran a lot including a few half-marathons. I drank a lot, often to the point of patchy nights. I dated casually but never commited beyond second dates. I wrote poems and letters to my ex that I would never send. I cried, often for hours through the night.

I reached out to friends who would often show up to literally pull me out of the house. And I moved forward.

Accept that it may never be an easy subject to talk about

It took me a solid two years to feel ready to have a boyfriend again. In the end, I learned to establish solid boundaries between what our parents say and what we believe to be right and true for our relationship. After my engagement, I was living on my own for the very first time.

I went off the deep end: drinking too much, forgetting whom I shared my information with at bars, abusing drug prescriptions I had access to due to ulcerative colitis, and feeling very lucky to make it home safely some nights. I wanted to feel nothing and I wanted no one to know. Thankfully, my boss at the time noticed.

I got a call from when I failed to show up for work after a particularly rough night. We still talk today. Rather than being honest, we were defensive. Rather than being open, we closed ourselves off. Just having open conversation about insecurities involving finances, apartment decisions, or past loves takes a huge load off of your shoulders.

My lack of support through that rough time was why he lied. He drank because no one would listen. I could stand on my own two feet and be happy, even if it happened gradually. I remember one day I had the best run of my life, letting a little more go with each step.

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I learned to establish solid boundaries between what our parents say and what we believe to be right for our relationship. Written by Caitlyn Pilkington on July 29, Read this next. Feeling Salty? The Ultimate Guide to Active Stretching Active stretches are an effective way to improve your flexibility.

Groundhog Ways: Breaking Out of Your Habit Loop While our habits don't define us, changing them can definitely help us get a better handle on our lives.