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Crowdfunding has made the news from time to time as people sought out sponsors for controversial initiatives, and matchmaking CEO Lauren Kay recently added an interesting project to that list.

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Subscriber active since. The five-day trip, which was crowdfunded via Crowdtilt, was thrown by Lauren Kay, the founder of dating startup The Dating Ring.

The idea behind it is that Silicon Valley has become so dominated by wealthy men that it has caused a supply-demand imbalance. For some reason, this can only be solved by flying women from New York to San Francisco.

Naturally, the concept is not without its flaws. Nonetheless, women interested in attending the trip had the option of paying for different packages that include an allotted of dates, admission to a cocktail party, flight and housing. The dating service was initially launched in New York City, but it expanded to San Fransisco after the startup was accepted into Y Combinator.

O'Connor detailed her experience in what at first appeared to be a college-style, five-day sorority retreat. She described bonding with the other ladies on the trip, attending swanky cocktail parties, making new friends, and meeting interesting men. On the third day, O'Connor and the rest of the New York gang headed to a party thrown for the Crowdtilt benefactors.

The dating ring – supply and demand in modern times?

One programmer who donated several hundred dollars to the campaign compared the situation to giving money to a homeless person—implying that it was a demeaning act of pity. He then criticized the online dating scene, saying that he prefers to "use reality" as his platform and began to touch O'Connor.

As the party grows, we become inundated with men. We are experiencing gender imbalance in the wild, and it is chaos.

Every time I turn, there are men lined up waiting to deliver carefully rehearsed greetings or to initiate repartee. The next day, O'Connor sought out some weed brownies for her and the rest of the ladies on the trip.

Dating goes west

By midnight, half of those girls ended up crying in the fetal position, with O'Connor comforting one of them by stroking her hair. Kay's cross-country matchmaking endeavor had been met with criticism ever since the Crowdtilt campaign launched in March.

Valleywag likened the idea to the comfort women of "imperial Japan," and commenters under the promotional YouTube video slammed the idea. One commenter even called it "just plain embarrassing and gross. Check out O'Connor's detailed for the full story.

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The dating ring wants to fly you across the country to meet your soul mate

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