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Dominican women having sex with their partners are the dream of many single men pushing them to seek catalogs with pictures of Dominican women for dating. Many people really think that finding a match is a difficult task especially when it comes to the online dating. For a largeit is something completely new and inexperienced before. Surely, we are the generation that uses contemporary gadgets day by day. So, one can say why not to try to make a family online.

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Jan 18, 2 Travel from anywhere to the DR. As soon as you get to the gate area where the plane to DR leaves from. The but size goes up by 25 percent average. KenoshaChris New member. Jan 4, 6 0. Dominicana Butts Man, I'm staying away from this one for the time being. Maybe I'll get a couple of shots in when the punches start flying. There are gonna be a whole lotta offended Dominicanas jumping on your butt. Forgot something Oh I forgot to mention the likes with whome Criss Colon hangs out.

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Then I can? Ok here it is. They walk dragging their spread feet and t knees, a plastic purse in one hand and the other hand waving merrily away. Where is she going? Obviously to a Colmado to buy some platanos and Sopa de Fideos. Come on Criss Tony C Silver. Jan 1, 2, 2 0 www. Missing, I gather you are not a fan of healty butts! I prefer women with curves. Big boobs, no hips, no butt!

BTW while i appreciate the Beauty of the Dominican feminine physique nothing beats a nice set of 2 healthy Cuban thighs and their Butt. You mean a healthy butt is the one which has enough fat to keep a camp stove lit for a year??

Holy cow You need some serious butt size reference classes.

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Just look out of your window. I mean any wider and they would need a licence plate!!! AZB Platinum. Jan 2, 12, Jan 2, 6 0 www. Rob as a dominicana I find this post insulting Missing, Please oh please leave DR at once you are a disgrace. Men who talk such trash usually have a tiny little penis. Yo estoy segura que tu no eres un pr? Tu vulgaridad es repugnante y espero que te disculpes con todas las dominicanas de este foro hombrecito rastrero.

Missing, Chicken legs and Young boy bodies do nothing for me. I prefer my women feminine. That is with curves. One that looks like a Lady not with the body of a teenage boy. But hey, anything below 10 inches is small for this special breed of butt. Can any Doctor here give me a DR Fix for my organ. Waiting for help What is the matter the ladies not giving you the time of day?

Gee I wonder why. Now there is a new surgical procedure to transplant a donated organs of the deceased to a normal and a healthy living person. The olnly problem is that if you desire a large size ex: 10 inches plusit only comes in black. Sorry Criss, pink elephants don't come with black trunks.

I am still having trouble finding a santiaguera who has not slept with you yet. The reason I am saying this to you is because I also visit the I-bar in santiago where you have claimed to have won many lonely hearts in your spare time ; i have heard your name mentioned from many beauties in a very desirable manner Seems like they all want a piece of you. Criss Colon Platinum. Jan 2, 21, 0 35 yahoomail.

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All women are"Beautiful" How could you ask me to get into the middle of this nonsence? This is a "Lose-Lose" situation!

All the women in the world were created by God! Therefore they are all "Perfect",because God doesn,t make mistakes! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Find a woman that has the "qualities" that you like,and tell her how "Beautiful" she is,and I assure you that you will be a happy man!

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To me the beauty of "Las Dominicanas" is without question! If you can,t find a woman you like in the dominican republic,stop looking and admit that you are "Gay! Why don,t you start a "thread" about "good",and"bad" hair,and then "Noses! The I-Bar is the place to hang out. Since I live in Toluca, Mexico and it is bloody freezing here there are no open air bars to hang out. One walks into I-Bar and is like walking into a car sale lot. Keep visiting the I-Bar for us Foreigners and do not let it shut down no matter what.

Oh by the way, how is Jarro's doing? Now I know who you are. You don't know me but we have mutual friends between us. Tell me, what have you done to maria isabel, olga and now this new 17 yrs old cutie anna marie? I have been after her for so long and didn't get anywhere with this model cheesecake; all she does is talk about you. I think, now I understand about this "big bubble Butt" issue that you seem to be so concerned with should that be olga?

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By the way, i also understand why you seem to be coming back to Santiago so much; i don't blame you a bit. Not my cup of tea. Last edited: Jan 23, Only it,s Pakistani!

Eddy Silver. Jan 1, 3, 0. Big Butts - My theory is that it's caused by riding on Moto Concho's. Over the years the narrow seat cause the pelvis to widen. Thus the "name" Moto Concho Syndrome.

I have seen it all over the country. I know that a lot of Dominican males prefer the wide ass'd species. As a rule most of the girls working in Car Wash bars and in Dominican brothels are so endowed.