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Feminist pioneer or self-interested careerist? O n Thanksgiving Day inwhen Hillary Clinton was in the White House, she had a long conversation with her best friend, soulmate and confidante, Diane Blair. With the blunt honesty of a trusted friend, Blair raised with Clinton one of the most vexed problems that has bedevilled her years of public service: her toxic dealings with the press.

The ‘fateville’ years

Blair clearly touched a nerve, provoking a defiant riposte from the first lady. I know it confuses people when I change my hairdos. I know I have to compromise. It was evident in her bruising clash with Barack Obama in her first bid for the presidency in Saint or sinner? Which is Hillary Clinton?

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Some of her most controversial qualities — her fierce guarding of her privacy, the belief in doing things her own way, her fraught relationship with money — are all visible in nascent form during the period fromwhen she moved to Fayetteville and then Little Rock, towhen she entered the White House. Hillary Rodham was 27 when she came to Fayetteville, a progressive college town tucked in the north-west corner of the state. Whillock did what she was told.

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She invited Hillary over to a lunch of gumbo on her very first day in Fayetteville, and the chemistry worked. First and foremost among the friendships Hillary made was Diane Blair, who was teaching politics at the university. The two women had much in common: they were both bookish, progressive, feminist outsiders; like Hillary, Blair was a newcomer to Arkansas, hailing from Washington DC as Hillary had from Chicago.

The intimacy of their friendship sustained over many years rings out from the Blair papers. There were moments of plaintive tenderness too. Sometimes we even are heard outside our cages!

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Ann Henry was another Fayetteville woman who forged a lasting bond with Clinton, helped along by their shared experiences as just about the only female lawyers in town. Hillary was fired up by ideas and by causes. The three women — Ann, Diane and Hillary — would spend long hours plotting how to bring reform to Arkansas, a state that was routinely towards the bottom of national league tables for educational and other standards.

Fayetteville friends

She was very straightforward about that. When the difficulties began, as soon they would, Clinton could also draw upon a clear coping mechanism. She once confided in Henry her technique for comforting her infant daughter Chelsea at the end of a hard day. Hillary Rodham had her own dirt to wash off.

The chorus of tut-tutting reached such a volume — from small-town gossip to high politics — that her friends felt duty bound to intervene. Hillary Rodham became Hillary Rodham Clinton. She threw away her austere glasses and styled her hair. Yet the experience of being forced to change her outward appearance clearly rankled with her for years afterwards. I gave up my name, I got contact lenses.

The kerfuffle over her name was tame compared with the storms that were to come: Whitewater, Gennifer Flowers, healthcare reform, Travelgate, the Lincoln Bedroom, Monica Lewinsky, Benghazi, the list goes on. The attacks have taken a toll, Whillock said.

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Bobby Roberts, who served as an adviser to Bill Clinton during his years as governor, agrees. At the height of the Whitewater imbroglio, she claimed some of the billing records of her Rose Law Firm had gone missing.

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When the paperwork turned up two years later it revealed nothing untoward, but the delay in disclosure fuelled speculation about her motives. Even in those early Arkansas days, her burning desire to be out there, to call the shots, was apparent — a precursor of the overtly political role she played in the White House and her later entry into electoral politics.

She knew just the right person. Clinton talked to Diane Blair about her convictions in that heart-to-heart on Thanksgiving Day. The other ambition Clinton displayed early was to make money. As she explains in her autobiography, Living History, she saw her role in Arkansas as partly to bring in the cash. I worried that … we needed to build up a nest egg.

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The self-perception is revealing. As it worked out, the Clintons made nothing out of Whitewater. But she did do phenomenally well out of another Arkansas investment. So well, in fact, that it too landed her in hot water. Politics, money, friendship all fuse into one. The seed of that inclination can also be seen to have been planted in Arkansas.

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This was just a deal among friends. Which brings us back to the beginning — the vexed relationship with her detractors in politics and the press. That image of a woman crouched in defensive posture is as fresh today as it was when Diane Blair wrote it decades ago.

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We saw that woman standing in front of the cameras this week at the UN — distrust, exasperation, maybe even a hint of contempt written across her face. Hillary Clinton is still seeking an answer to that riddle.

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Hillary Clinton. This article is more than 6 years old. Ed Pilkington in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Sat 14 Mar Reuse this content.

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