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Here are some things you should know about legal prostitution in Nevada:. The movement against prostitution after the Civil War was closely linked to the abolition of slavery, and started with efforts to fight the licensing of houses of prostitution in many states, according to a history provided as part of a Ninth Circuit Court decision on brothel advertising. From andthere was a wave of laws passed against people who profited off putting women and girls into prostitution. Nevada law prohibits solicitation and prostitution unless it takes place in a d house of prostitution. State law bans d brothels in counties with populations ofor more currently Clark County, home of Las Vegas. Only 10 counties in Nevada allow prostitution, and even then, only within d brothels.

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By Abigail Goldman. Sex acts once off the menu are suddenly back on — recession specials, served with a side of shrugging compromise. And her weekly income is still down by half.

And the women charging the least reportedly are making the most these days — counterintuitive in an industry where bargains come with risks. These men are bread and butter for local prostitutes, provided the clients come to town.

And anybody in the hospitality industry — here that illicitly includes call girls too — can agree that fewer men are flying in, with less money to spend.

Meanwhile, more women reportedly are getting into the business, which creates a classic supply and demand squeeze. Now fold another factor into that dynamic: When the economy is bad, when people feel their mortgages closing in, they seek comfort: alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, pornography and perhaps prostitution.

Winters are always slow, she says, but overall, the money is good.

How good? Travel and multiple-day excursions are negotiable. Academics have estimated there are anywhere from 3, to 3, indoor working prostitutes in Las Vegas at any given time.

Imagine, however, that only a fraction of them, say, 1, are working year-round. Now extend that group to people who are rich enough to own, say, a beach house, or a Porsche, or their own firm — and you get an idea of just how big the market could be. When financial panic intrudes on the prostitution world, escorts often lower their rates in response, according to Amanda Brooks, author of the Internet Escorts Handbooks.

She also agrees to a wider range of sex acts, which puts her at additional health risk. None contacted by the Sun would agree to talk. Women who work for escort services also face a strain that independents such as Stacie and Rebecca do not.

If the bad economy does anything to escorting, author Brooks figures, it will be this: Prostitutes will become better at marketing themselves. One of those is Amber, a New York-based escort available for travel anywhere. Full comments policy.

By Abigail Goldman Sunday, Dec. Sun Archives Hawking erotic services? Craigslist now has your