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Therein lies the problem. How do you toast a girl you already know? Some so called experts would tell you it is easier to toast a stranger than a girl you already know.

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You can NOW get to know people from all corners of the world and to do so many other things like apply for jobs, apply for VISA, pay bills and most importantly toast a girl without even seeing her face. The internet platforms specifically the WhatsApp platform have made so many heartbroken men meet love again. In fact, it has created more romantic stories than the regular story of Romeo and Juliet.

How to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you

In terms of meeting it has made so many men meet thousand ladies all at once unlike our traditional men our fathers that are limited to their immediate environments. Well with the little experience I have gathered over the years from online dating experts, this is how to toast the women I fancy on WhatsApp. We love fast cars, fast deliveries, fast transactions, fast food, fast internet, fast everything. We also like fast toasting. We want to toast a girl today and take her out on a date the next day. Take time to know what picture she uplo on her DP, pictures, and videos she uplo on her WhatsApp status also.

You unveiling her likes, if she is the clubby type, a fashion freak, a business geek, nerd, and so on will make her feel relaxed around you when you finally start chatting with her. Start with something that fascinates you about her something you see or you like about her.

Rather than sounding awkward and lame, tell her, for example, you love the gown she is putting on that did she sew it herself? That is if you detected she is a fashion freak. Then from there tell her your name and that you been liking her DPs and her WhatsApp status.

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You can also use her replies to prolong your chat by using them to ask further questions I do this almost every time and it works for me like magic. Tolani : Yes. I did. Please, who is this? You : Oh fantastic! This is Ralph. Tolani : Ignored?

Tolani : LOL! First off, we are not doing bible study. After chatting her for that little time it is ideal to back off for some days. I mean if the chat has ended at that moment. They are beings who like to hear validations from men. Note: Women like to get validation from men. She wants to hear him say it, sing it to her ears every day and night.

How do you prove this to her?

How to toast a girl you already know

With some chats…. Do you know you sew really well? Tolani : And who told you that? You : Well, it shows from your response…. Tolani : Then you got my hmmmm wrong…. You : Ok then, So what are you doing about the promotion of the outfits? You : How about visiting some boutiques here on the island and giving them irresistible proposals on some mouth-watering deals.

Tolani : hmmmmmmm…. You : You have started with this hmmm again.

SO trust me when I say you sew really well people need to hear about and know you and your dresses should be worn by models on runways. You : Is it strange when a guy says he likes you? Tolani : LOL, I have heard that a million times. Tolani: Be shy na, as if that will help you. You : LOL, will like to me to meet you one-day sha.

What if I say today?

How to toast a girl on online (whatsapp & facebook)

Tolani : Then you are in OYO…. Tolani : I never said that o…. Tolani : Where is the church? Tolani : Ok, I stay on the island too.

Tolani : LOL, have we started dating? Yes, all your chats on toasting a girl on WhatsApp should look like this. I purposely gave this illustration on how you should go. Compliment the unbelievable parts like her nose, her ears, her lips, and so on, a birthmark if she has one that can easily be seen. Please stop this if you do it makes you look like a jerk.

If you see that she is becoming tired with the messages, take a break, and only send her messages once in a while. I brought this to the last because I really need to stress on it. Be yourself and everything will flow easily. And note you might not get it right at the right time but with time it will surely be easy for you, in fact, too easy.

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How to toast a girl & get her to like you immediately

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So if the internet can be a good thing in helping you to meet people specifically girls. How do you communicate with them girls when you like them or you have chemistry with them? The killer guide on how to toast a girl online through social media WhatsApp or Facebook. This is the first step to toasting girls on Facebook or WhatsApp. Keep the talk smooth and be calm.

Take your time to understand her replies before answering her chats.

This is the second step to toasting a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp. Did you sew it yourself?

Romantic toasting messages for a girl ()

Back off for some time, days preferably After chatting her for that little time it is ideal to back off for some days. Let it sink and let her think think of where she knows you. And chat her again just at the perfect time again.

You : Well, it shows from your response… Tolani : Then you got my hmmmm wrong… You : Ok then, So what are you doing about the promotion of the outfits? Tolani : hmmmmmmm… You : You have started with this hmmm again. And so on… Yes, all your chats on toasting a girl on WhatsApp should look like this.

I hope this helps. Do not compliment her beauty when you see her pic on her WhatsApp Display picture or status. How you do this is totally up to you. I wish you success as you try it out on WhatsApp. Finally, share this article with someone you feel might need it.

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