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Free esl and civics classes / clases de inglés y ciudadanía gratis!

Sincethe English as a Second Language ESL program at Lehman College in the Bronx has offered ESL classes on a full-time or part-time basis to everyone interested in improving their English skills for personal and professional reasons.

Classes are affordable, follow a flexible schedule and are taught by dynamic instructors in a student-oriented environment. These ESL courses also provide the students with opportunities to enter degree programs or pursue other training.

Our ESL program is deed to help you improve your employment prospects, access higher education, earn credentials, and communicate effectively in the Bronx, in local US communities, and in the English-speaking world. Classes are affordable, follow a flexible schedule, and are taught by dynamic instructors in a learner-focused environment. All classes are synchronous real-time, noted in Eastern Standard Time and conducted on-line using Zoom.

You will need high speed internet and, preferably, a computer or tablet with microphone and video capability. Cell phones may be used but are not ideal.

Class locations

Intensive English Program IEP This daytime course is ideal for committed learners who are focused on college, graduate school, or professional advancement. Deed for of all levels of proficiency, you may elect to focus on particular skills in the morning or afternoon.

ESL Evening Courses If you work during the day or have limited time to study, our evening program is ideal for anyone who has demands on their time and wants balanced instruction in all skills. English for Beginners — Ingles para Principiantes In this course, you will build foundational communication skills to make daily life in the US more navigable.

ESL Saturday Courses Using authentic English language materials and media, this course improves your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Adding private lessons to your schedule is a highly effective tool to get the targeted language help you need. By working with one of our skilled instructors, you can customize the learning objectives to fit your unique needs and accelerate your progress.

Our lessons give you access to the undivided attention and expertise of a qualified instructor who will offer relevant interventions and guidance with impact to move you effectively towards your specific academic or professional goals as quickly as possible. Privates lesson plans may be purchased in 5, 10, 15, or 20 hour increments and are available for individual study or small group study of 2, 3, 4, or maximum 5 students.

For additional details, including pricing and policies, start building your plan by submitting our request form.

We will match you with an instructor according to your needs, areas of interest, and availability. Once matched, a private payment link will be sent. The OOPT is an online, multiple-choice exam which tests ability in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening.

Free english classes

After registration, you will be contacted by our ESL Coordinator, invited to a short speaking interview, and sent a link to the OOPT, which can be taken from any computer sound required. Your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills are verified by our instructors, and if necessary, placement is adjusted.

However, due to the on-going pandemic, there are unique regulatory considerations. If you have already established and currently maintain F-1 visa status, our team will be happy to discuss the transfer process with you and help you determine the best program start date based on your situation.

In order to maintain F-1 status, students enroll in both the AM and PM portions of the Intensive English Program to fulfill the 18 hours of course work per week full time study requirement. If you are outside the USA and have yet to secure F-1 visa status, we will be able to offer an I once in person classes. In the meantime, we hope you will consider ing us online from your home country.

The TPE is offered three times per year. Graduate Study at Lehman College We will provide guidance on the admission process if you desire to study at the graduate level at Lehman College. While an English proficiency score is still necessary for most graduate programs, we offer help with understanding specific admissions criteria, for example, how to write a Statement of Purpose, who to ask for Letters of Recommendation, and how to successfully complete the application.

The Common European Framework divides learners into three broad divisions that can be divided into six levels; for each level, it describes what a learner is supposed to be able to do in reading, listening, speaking and writing. The TOEFL test is the most widely respected English-language test in the world, recognized by more than 10, colleges, universities and agencies in more than countries, including Australia, Canada, the U. Class Schedule. Register Online.