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The short stories will be a selection from an anthology. The poems will be available online. To practice physical distancing is to be apart from other people even as we share, together, a unique experience. In this class, we will look to literature for some answers to this question.

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MWF P. MWF A. Ruth D. Gill Supervision. Thomas E. Steele Production Al Sanders Printing Church Press Published monthly by the Radio Dept. Hope St, Los Angeles 17, Cal. Of course, Christ is the head, the cornerstone!

Stop and think a minute. Whom did continued on next 3. Many reading this have their faith based on. Paul now becomes the name before us. He needs them all— the Open Hand The willing feet, the Praying Heart— To work together and to weave A three-fold cord that shall not part.

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Nor shall the giver count his gift As greater than the worker's deed, Nor he in turn his service boast Above the prayers that voice the need. Not all can Go; not all can Give To speed the message on its way, But young or old, or rich or poor, Or strong or weak— we all can Pray. Pray that the gold-filled hands may Give To arm the others for the fray; That those who hear the call may Go, And Pray— that other hearts may Pray! Paul wrote 14 books of the New Testament. God use in the most effective way, to spread the Gospel?

It was not John, although he is called the beloved disciple and wrote his majestic Gospel.

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Peter was often the spokesman for the disciples but it was probably because of his impetuosity — he was not always right and was rebuked by Jesus. A case in point might be noted when the Lord said He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, high priests and scribes and be killed; but, He would be raised from the dead on the third day. Peter later did the same for the Gentiles in the home of Cornelius, a Roman cen- turian — read Acts We rejoice in Peter as in the rest of the Apostles, but we want to plead the supremacy of Paul now. So many folk write and say that Christ is so high and holy that they despair of ever being like Him.

Look at Christ in Paul, that will help you.

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Paul is a pattern; Jesus is an example. Stalker suggests that Christ, to the average Christian, is as a picture by Raphael to the untrained eye. Not having an intelligent appreciation of great Art, I would have to have a simple landscape with trees, etc.

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Study what Christ did with Paul and you will have a picture of what He can do with you and me. Paul was not always a perfect Christian. TV cameras, located at strategic places throughout the city, are able to spot any existing problems. So, seated at a desk.

Munich's traffic is kept moving smoothly from this control room at police headquarters. TV camera, beyond woman standing at right end of crowd, transmits traffic situation. William Ward Ayer And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?

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And the Lord said unto him, Arise and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do. And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man. Paul lost his sight and found his Lord!

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A most unusual conversion! He met Christ on the road to Damascus. AncSBkesired of him letters to DamaUms to the synagogues, that if he fom flj any of this way, whether they mKk men or women, he might bring H m bound unto Jerusalem. Aru ttt?

The reason is that the dispensation of the grace of God is one of faith and not of sight. After the ascension of Christ, everyone else was converted by the preaching of others. In I TimothyPaul refers to himself as the chief of sinners. Now how do you reconcile that with his declaration of being the chief of sinners? Here is the solemn truth relative to the two declarations.

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It is hard to reach the Pharisees for Christ; it is comparatively easy to reach the Publicans. General Henry Booth found it easier to win souls from the slums of London than did the ministers who preached to the upper stratum of society. When Mr. Moody, I do hope you will do something for the godless poor. During my pastorate in a University town in Indiana, I was privileged to continued on next.

A sacred trust my Lord to me has given: The wealth is His; to use it is my task. Whether 'neath skies all bright or tempest-riven His service le, It is not mine to ask; He tells me not how long the time shall be Till He shall deem It best to call me home: I only hear Him saying unto me, "Occupy thou until I come. How dare I then, enwrap the precious pounds In folds of uselessness, and lay aside! On every side rich fields of toil abound Where they may be increased and glorified. Why should if matter whether one or ten, Since all are His, and but a trust retained To use for Him until He comes again To see how much my toil for Him has gained?

But it does matter whether I, at last, Among the faithless meet a bitter doom, Or hear Him say to me, "W ell done!

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Thou hast Been faithful unto Me until I come! Have I, this day, gotten nearer to God in prayer, or have I given way to a lazy, idle spirit?

Has my faith been weakened by un- watchfulness, or quickened by diligence? Have I walked by faith, and seen God in all things? Have I made the most of my time as far as I had light, strength and opportunity? Have 1 denied myself in all unkind words and thoughts? Have I been delighted in seeing others preferred?

Have l laid out anything to please myself, when I might have saved the money for the Cause of God? Have my life and conversation adorned the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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He was highly respected, well educated and popular at the University and in the community and, a good husband. But he had yielded as I was preaching. He was not a sinner of the Publican order, in fact he was not abashed in this action taken before the Lord, rather he held his head high.

In our evening service there was a time for brief testimonies and I was happy to see the newly saved professor rise to his feet and enthusiastically testify.

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His opening statement startled me. He said that he had been the worst sinner in the town. The people smiled — how could such a clean, cultured, moral gentleman be such a sinner — but he spoke the truth. He was of a type that is hardest to reach for Christ —a Pharisee. But God reached him by His grace even as He had reached Paul.

Now you may be like that. I have met untold s who have claimed that they did not need the Lord Jesus Christ —they were good enough. Yea verily, and I count all things to be loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but refuse, that I may gain Christ.

This makes me to wonder if you have had that unique experience? I read about Biola.

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I felt also that I needed to grow spiritually and that there would be no better place to become spiritually mature than in the Christ- centered environment of Biola. Another thing that appealed to me was the personal interest that the teachers take in the students. The fact that every class period opens with a short devotion and with prayer is always a joy to me. What stood out mostly in my mind was that I would leam more about Jesus and His life and find that spiritual things are more important than material things.