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Field sobriety tests FSTsalso referred to as standardized field sobriety tests SFSTsare a battery of tests used by police officers to determine if a person suspected of impaired driving is intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs.

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A blood alcohol test measures the level of Alcohol in your blood. Most people are more familiar with the breathalyzer, a test often used by police officers on people suspected of drunk driving.

What is a blood alcohol test?

While a breathalyzer gives fastit is not as accurate as measuring alcohol for the blood. Alcohol, also known as ethanol, is the main ingredient of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and liquor. When you have an alcoholic drink, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and processed by the liver. Your drunkenness can test about one drink an hour. One drink is usually defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1. If you are drinking faster than your liver can process the alcohol, you may feel the effects of drunkenness, also called intoxication.

These include behavioral changes and impaired judgment. The effects of alcohol can vary from person to person, depending on a variety of factors such as age, weight, gender, and how much food you ate before drinking. Teens and young adults are at higher risk for binge drinking, which can cause alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking that raises the blood alcohol level within a short period of time.

Though it varies from person to person, binge drinking is usually defined as four drinks for women and five drinks for men in a two-hour period. Young children may get alcohol poisoning from drinking household products that contain alcohol, such as mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and certain cold medicines.

These include:. You or your child may also need this test if there are symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

In addition to the above symptoms, alcohol poisoning can cause:. A health care professional will take a blood sample from a vein in your arm, using a small needle. After the needle is inserted, a small amount of blood will be collected into a test tube or vial. You may feel a little sting when the needle goes in or out.

This process usually takes less than five minutes. There is very little risk to having a blood test. You may have slight pain or bruising at the spot where the needle was put in, but most symptoms go away quickly. Blood alcohol level for be given in different ways, including percentage of blood alcohol content BAC.

Typical are below. The timing of this test can affect the accuracy of the. A blood alcohol test is only accurate within 6ā€”12 hours after your last drink. Learn more about laboratory tests, reference ranges, and understanding. A police officer may ask you to take a breathalyzer test if you are suspected of drunk driving.

If you refuse to take a breathalyzer, or think the test wasn't accurate, you may ask for or be asked to test a blood alcohol test. The information on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Contact a health care provider if you have questions about your health. Blood Alcohol Level. What is a blood alcohol test? Other names: blood alcohol level test, ethanol test, ethyl alcohol, blood alcohol content. What is it used drunkenness A blood alcohol test may be used to find out if you: Have been drinking and driving.

In the United States. Drivers younger than 21 are not allowed to have any alcohol in their system when driving. Are legally drunk.

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The legal alcohol limit for drinking in public varies from state to state. Have been drinking while in a treatment program that prohibits drinking. Have alcohol poisoning, a life-threatening condition that happens when your blood alcohol level gets very high.

Alcohol poisoning can seriously affect basic body functions, including breathing, heart rate, and temperature. Why do I need a blood alcohol test? These include: Difficulty with balance and coordination Slurred speech Slowed reflexes Nausea and vomiting Mood changes Poor judgment You or your child may also need this test if there are symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

In addition to the above symptoms, alcohol poisoning can cause: Confusion Irregular breathing Seizures Low body temperature. What happens during a blood alcohol test? Will I need to do anything to prepare for the test? You don't need any special preparations for a blood alcohol test. Are there any risks to the test? What do the mean? Sober: 0. At this blood alcohol level, you may have difficulty walking and speaking.

Other symptoms may include confusion, nausea, and drowsiness. At risk for serious complications: Above.

Blood alcohol level

At this blood alcohol level, you may be at risk for coma or death. Is there anything else I need to know about a blood alcohol test?

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