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This sequence begins with Dorothy and the Scarecrow trying to pick fruit from the talking apple trees, encompasses their discovery of the rusted tin man and their encounter with the Wicked Witch of the West who tries to set the Scarecrow on fireand ends with the trio heading off to Oz in search of the Wizard:.

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Based on L. However, one of the most nefarious urban legends surrounding the movie was birthed in the form of a claim that a lovelorn actor portraying a munchkin hanged himself on set during filming. Is this true? Although an aura of darkness shrouds the legacy of The Wizard of Ozthis particular claim is overwhelmingly false.

However, on closer inspection, this assumption can be easily debunked, as it is simply the silhouette of a bird within the set of the movie. This revelation is backed by the fact that several birds of varying sizes were borrowed from the Los Angeles Zoo and allowed to roam the indoor set in order to grant it a more outdoorsy feel.

Hence, the figure in question that has been wrongfully interpreted as a hanging body is, in fact, a large bird of the likes of an emu or a crane, disproving the urban legend.

The unusual movement of the bird in the background of the scene became a subject for speculation for those viewing the film on home video, as they were able to rewind and play the scene in slow-motion, birthing wild theories of an actor-driven to despair over his unrequited love for a female munchkin.

The dead munchkin myth was cemented into popular consciousness during the heavy promotion and special video re-release of The Wizard of Oz on its 50th anniversary in This, in conjunction with the unfortunate practical circumstances that surrounded the cast, lent an aura of credibility to the theory.

Even after the myth was debunked, sizeable audiences viewed the film as one with sinister undertones, which was exacerbated by the alleged presence of dark subliminal symbolism associated with alter-programming and mind control. Further, Buddy Ebsen, who was originally cast to play the Tin Man, ended up with an iron lung after using the requisite silver makeup on his skin, as it contained aluminum powder.

Moreover, Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch had suffered from second-degree burns on her face during filming, post which, her stunt double also experienced severe burns due to an exploding prop. Irrespective of the fact whether The Wizard of Oz film set was cursed or not, the hanging munchkin urban legend is unequivocally false.

However, matters of a more serious, murkier kind haunt the fringes of the classic musical fantasy, namely the alleged instance of sexual abuse and harassment that then year-old Judy Garland had to undergo whilst filming. This, arguably, is the core nexus of unease evoked by the film, as its utter lack of address emerges as the most terrifying aspect of this year-old movie. Debopriyaa Dutta is a content curator, poet, and film critic based in India and a frequent contributor for High On Films.

Apart from being a published author, Debopriyaa has been writing professionally sinceand holds a Master's degree in English Literature and Theory from the University of Delhi. An ardent fan of cosmic horror and poetic cinema, she enjoys painting, along with reading literary works steeped in morbid nihilism.

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