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Posted October 9, Reviewed by Abigail Fagan. When you try too hard, it shows and unfortunately it seems desperate. Trying too hard usually stems from hood where your efforts were either not rewarded or were not regarded as ever good enough, where you perceived yourself to be undervalued or unappreciated. Humans can work like a wolf pack in groups, but if they get a whiff of desperation, they will either ostracise the perpetrator or target them unkindly.

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Top definition. This occurs when someone attempts to prove how they possess a perceived desirable quality by over-exerting themselves which in the quality appearing unnatural and contrived.

Generally, the response to this action is negative and has the opposite effect. Guy 1 - John thinks he is so tough because he grunts when he lifts weights.

Guy 2 - Ya, his Napoleon Complex is showing, he is totally trying too hard. Girl 1 - Andrea is trying too hard. She thinks she is so hot when she pops her cleavage and shows her ass. Girl 2 - Whatever, that skank doesn't realize we can see her cottage cheese thighs in that mini-skirt.

Jul 21 Word of the Day. Winnie the Pooh's equivalent of " Mother fucking shit". Piglet: Oh no! Tigger's bounced all over the vegetable garden and ruined the carrots! Winnie the Pooh: Oh bother!

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Trying Too Hard. The phrase itself can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective, and defines something that is very obviously forcing an image onto its observer.

This can be presented in a of ways, including: 1 A person trying to convey an image that is unlike his or her actual self typically through large amounts of makeup. Amy is a Trying Too Hard; She's wearing a shirt meant for a year old.

It's too bad she's very obviously in her 40's. Adam is Trying Too Hard to convince us that he's slept with Amy, the class whore.

Purpose is to veto potential sex candidates and prove that women can't accept positive attention. Undisputed proof that women don't know what they fucking want, but are pretty certain that they prefer being treated like shit. Woman1: Reggie maintained a witty and intelligent conversation with me, took me out to a nice dinnerpaid for everything, didn't try to get me drunk, and didn't take advantage of me when I passed out on his couch.

I've been screening his phone calls all day because he was trying too hard. Woman2: My boyfriend hits me during sex and not during sex. Woman1: Lucky. Trying too hard. See gif.

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