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There is no morality in a casino.

Sex in the casino

The casino preys on every human weakness they can think of. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Ok, I admit it, sometimes they do play rock music. The sex and drugs must be going on in the bathroom because I never see that. If I see it on an occasional visit, the dealers and suits certainly know it is there.

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Any hotel operator knows its convention business will suffer if it is too aggressive about keeping out the hookers. Steve Wynn made headlines when he headlocked a hooker who had propositioned him and called out to the doorman so it tends to be discouraged at the Wynn but it sure takes place.

Its the cheap hookers they want out. The ones who make their pitch too soon and too blatantly. Great, fun topic. One of my favorite stories is about the hooker that approached me one morning in Cearsars Palace at about 7AM.

My wife wanted to know how I knew she was a working girl since we never got to discussing business. I replied, a drop dead gorgeous early 20 something sat done next to me and struck up a conversation! Of course she was working! Recommended online casinos. ed: Feb 20, Thre: 79 Posts: October 2nd, at AM permalink.

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A point came up in a thread as to whether or not there was sex in a casino. So I decided to create what I hope to be a drama free poll for a change.

This is about our powers of observation, as well I suppose, as the type of casinos we play in. However, I suspect the type of casino is not the determining factor here. I have played at a lot of the nicer places, in many locations, and my answers are all positive.

I'm not asking if you condone or partake, just if you have observed it, or not. Always borrow money from a pessimist; They don't expect to get paid back! Be yourself and speak your thoughts. Those who matter won't mind, and those that mind, don't matter!

ed: May 1, Thre: 13 Posts: Because some will undoubtedly not be familiar with the other thread in question, I'd like to recap. This is somewhat paraphrased, but I do not believe I've altered any context.

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Quote: WongBo. ed: Dec 5, Thre: 33 Posts: I replied, a drop dead gorgeous early 20 something sat down next to me and struck up a conversation! ed: May 19, Thre: 87 Posts: When you see a totally ugly dude with two smoking hot chicks that are both all over him as he walks by, that says more for his bankroll than seeing a rail full of black chips. A dealer once commented on a scene that looked like that. He said, "you know what I say when I see something like that?

ed: Oct 19, Thre: Posts: ALL casinos become magnets for various forms of the sex trade. Young attractive women who lose money often decide upon adventuresome ways to replenish their bank s.

Women who are already "working" gravitate to casinos on the Willie Sutton theory because not only is that turning the money is but that is where the men are, particularly the men most likely to be paying for sex. Alcohol, bravado, celebration. Female compulsive gamblers who run into trouble with the rent or the mortgage escorts often turn to desperate measures.

Even upscale casinos often do nothing more than try to keep the ladies upscale. Better dressed, higher prices, less aggressive. ed: Dec 30, Thre: 26 Posts: This is a very interesting topic. The casino stone sells sex in the casino. My local casino has girls dancing in bikinis all over the place on the weekends.

How many strip clubs are there in LV and AC? Never been but I would guess a lot. As far as actual hookers Not to say I see it every visit, but even sitting at a 10 dollar blackjack table I've had girls come up to me and grab my leg. I've wisely shooed them along. I've seen them be even more forward, especially on Friday Nights with bachelor parties around.

Do I think these girls have anything to do with the casino? ed: Nov 2, Thre: Posts: ed: Jan 19, Thre: 2 Posts: I have personally seen standing doggie-style in the Palms parking lot between a working girl and her john. And they are absolutely beautiful. ed: Jan 20, Thre: Posts: RSS Feed. BitCoin Casino Anti Money